These two are some of our closest friends and the way we all met is kind of an interesting story. Dallon & Josh actually knew each other first from high school. They stayed good friends and Dallon was a groomsman in our wedding. I (Lilli) met Allie at church before even knowing Josh. Allie is a little younger than me so we ran in semi-different crowds but knew of each other and stayed connected through social media. After our wedding, Dallon was one of our closest friends. We were all hanging out one night when he told us he messaged a girl from my Instagram following named Allie. Sooo.. I have to give myself a little credit for them meeting, right? Haha. Before we knew it, Allie and Dallon were stuck like glue and the double dates were on! They just had their one year dating anniversary and we did this photoshoot to celebrate! How precious are they?


I have always been in awe of flower field photoshoots. They are my photography obsession!! Allie wanted somewhere natural with flowers and away from crowds. Nothing more perfect than a good ole field behind a piggly wiggly lol (all thanks to Deanna Kay Photography for the inspo). It turned out to be the most beautiful day. I think these photos give off such dreamy young and in love vibes - my Pinterest dreams!